300" Cable Concealer on Wall Raceway
$28.10 $43.63 Save 35%
300" Cable Concealer on Wall Raceway
No More Messy Cables and Dangling Wires!

$28.10 $43.63 Save 35%

  • Large capacity to accommodate multiple wires
  • Durable enough to withstand heat, cold, or moisture
  • Safe to be used both as an indoor or outdoor cable raceway
  • Can be painted to match your wall
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The safest most convenient cable management kit you’ll ever have! Whether for home, office, school or business use, these easy-to-use cable hiders can conceal up to a total of 300 inches of wires/cables.

DIY-Perfect! Complete with mounting & installation accessories.


Gone are the days when cable management cord hiders are just for workplaces. Now, they bring about organization and safety even in home theaters, kitchens, kids’ play rooms and more. When safety is a priority in your home, the EVEO Cable Concealers are but a must.

With a super sleek and slim design, our cord organizer is spacious enough to conceal and arrange up to 2 HDMI cables + 2 regular USB/AUX cables, for up to 300 inches long. Including all the installation tools you need, and suitable for all types of connectors, our wall raceway makes it easier to customize, fitting right into the home decor style you need or prefer.

  • Adjustable cord cover length
  • Large capacity to accommodate multiple wires
  • Safe to be used both as indoor or outdoor cable raceway
  • Durable enough to withstand heat, cold, or moisture
  • Doesn’t easily go brittle or flaky
  • Heavy-duty raceway that holds thick-gauge wires
  • All tools necessary for installation included in the package
  • Can be painted to match your wall

One of the best parts about the EVEO Cable Concealer is its quick and easy installation. In just about 15 minutes, and applying just a few changes, you can already bring a neat and brand new look into your living room, workspace, and other spaces.

Download the installation guide in the FILES & GUIDES tab.

  • 18pcs. 17-inch Cable Raceways
  • 2pcs. T-Fitting
  • 4pcs. Outside Elbow
  • 4pcs. Inside Elbow
  • 8pcs. Flat Elbow
  • 16pcs. Couplings
  • 4pcs. Cable Ties
  • 36pcs. Dibbles and Screws
  • 1pc. Measuring Tape
  • 1pc. Hack Saw
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Product Information
  • Package Dimensions
    300(L) x 1.05(W) x 0.55(H) inches
  • Product Weight
    4.36 lb
Files & Guides
Files & Guides
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
Bill Bennett
Exactly what I needed

Easy to install and looks great! I absolutely would recommend! The small hand saw is a little difficult to use so I simply made cuts with my dremel.

SLick GT
Quality. Easy. Very Impressed. Will buy again if more is needed.

I am renovating an old 1995 class C RV. This is perfect to conceal the 12v wires. After I rebuilt the overcab, I ran the clearance light wiring on the inside to not take away structural integrity of the new exterior paneling. See pic. Now that I have painted it...it is barely noticeable and only if you are looking for it.I didn't use the connectors. Instead I overlapped/offset the bottom and top pieces by about 6 inches. This also allowed me to very easily get it installed in a straight line without any pencil marks. I would install a bottom piece. The next top piece overlapped by 6 inches. This allowed me to slide in and adhere the next bottom piece. Add another top piece and etc/repeat. What you see in the pix (8 feet) took less than 10 mins to install.Highly recommend. Quality packaging and a great price. Again, very impressed.

Easy to use

Works great, easy to install, and looks so much better than the cords.

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