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Excellent choice
Dual Monitor Stand

"The dual monitor stand was an excellent choice for my 28 inch monitors. As another reviewer mentioned it is easier setup if you have two people but not impossible with just one. The hardest part was getting the arms to sit on the mounts because you had to have them angled just perfectly for them to slide down otherwise they wouldn't budge.

Once on perfect, with no wobbling, I can position my monitors either vertically or horizontally. I'm definitely happy with my purchase and I don't feel like my monitors are going to fall off the arms or off the base because the materials used are high grade."

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Wayne Winkler
No streaks
Screen Cleaner Spray 16oz.

"It’s much easier to leave a review when there is something about a product that doesn’t work — but not the case here so will make this short. I bought this for a big 65” TV and it works as advertised. Takes a little persistence with the microfiber cloth, but gets all the streaks and smudges completely out and the TV looking like new."

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Forget the bad reviews, this stuff works much better than I hoped
Screen Cleaner Spray 16oz.

"I'm always a little bit leery when I read bad product reviews. But then like my old Daddy used to say, "Some people could screw up a one car funeral procession." If there's anything this product is lacking is dummy proof instructions, and possibly a second micro fiber cloth.

I had 5 flat screens to clean that were varying degrees of dirty located in a kitchen, two bedrooms and a game room and family room. Screen sizes ranged from 24" to 65". Using the product requires some cleaning common sense like your mother should have taught you when you cleaned your room. I'm guessing most people don't buy this product when they buy a new flat screen. They notice some dirt, from a little to a lot before they buy it.

So first, if your screen is really dirty don't try to get everything off at once. It's better to clean very lightly several times rather than try to spray a lot of product and then rub hard. As far as spraying on the screen surface what you're aiming for is a very light mist landing on the screen - so you'll have to hold the spray bottle far enough away so you don't get the screen too wet. Secondly, you're going to use the microfiber cloth and wipe as gently as possible - no pressure! Once you've wiped your screen, flip your cloth over to the dry side and lightly buff the streaks.

Here's where having a second microfiber cloth would help and I suggest picking another up if you don't have one. You always want to buff lightly with a totally dry cloth to finish up. Also, if you have a lot of dust you'll want to use a dry cloth before you spray. If you have a big smudge or spot - spray and buff lightly several times until it's gone.

If you take a little bit of time and care, your screens will look brand new. I know mine did and I am pleased I got this screen cleaner."

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Very Satisfied - the difference is like night and day!
4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit

"I’m really pleased with this cleaning kit! I’m new to vinyls, and I just bought a new turntable so that I could bring my dad’s old vinyl collection back to life. These records have been cooped up a long time not being cleaned or listened to, and probably weren’t really well-kept even when they were.

In my video I show the dirt on the record using a flashlight. I used the brush one time dry, not in the video. It got off a good amount of dust, but there was still plenty left behind. So the second video clip is me using the brush with the cleaning solution. You’ll see how must dirt it collected! And in the last clip, it’s not perfect of course because there are just some blemishes that can’t be removed that easily, but WOW! The difference from uncleaned to cleaned is clear to see.

The little brush cleaner also does its job sweeping off the dust dirt from the brush.

I haven’t used the gel stylus cleaner since I literally just unboxed and assembled my turntable, so I don’t feel the need to clean the stylus just yet. But as of now, I’m confident that it’ll work just as well as everything else in the kit thus far.

You won’t be disappointed with this cleaning kit!"

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Simpe to use, great results
4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit

"I admittedly don't have the best track record of caring for my vinyl, but I'm trying to do better. I had an eye-opener when one of my favorite records was skating and skipping on my brand new turntable. It wasn't happening to any of my other records. It was time to finally do some cleaning. Once over with the brush (not even the spray, just the brush) and the record played flawlessly. It's now a permanent fixture next to my turntable."

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Rob W.
Great value kit
4-in-1 Vinyl Cleaning Kit

"I had my eye on this kit and ended up buying it using gift credit. Additionally, there was a $5 coupon at the time, so I saved even more on what was already a reasonably priced collection of vinyl-maintenance necessities. I was really only after the velvet brush (to replace a much older one) and the gel stylus cleaner (I didn't want to spend >$11 on one); but the rest of the kit is just a great added bonus as far as my needs go."

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